The Power of Music

Sometimes that song comes on the radio and it’s like a kick in the teeth.  You’re taken back to a very specific place and time.  This afternoon it was the deck of a beach house in 1989 sipping an adult beverage soaking up some rays with the man I loved.  Wishing for something that would never happen, wanting the moment to last forever and knowing it just couldn’t.  What’s the song that takes you back and where do you go?


Smart is Sexy

Today is Pi Day.  So thinking about Pi made me think of some of the math nerds I knew in high school.  They turned out to be fabulously successful and incredible men.  I wish I had realized back in the day just how sexy smart really is.  What about you?  What non-physical characteristic do you find most sexy in a person?  A sense of humor?  Brains?  Compassion?  What quality is it that gets your motor running?

Think this guy is smart?  How ’bout we just don’t let him talk then we won’t be and sexyted.

Tall, Blond and Brutal

My short story series has found a home.  I signed a contract with Secret Cravings to publish my stories about Gunnar a/k/a Tall, Blond & Brutal, a smoking hot, Atlanta attorney and Elaine, the court report who has intrigued him.  My inspiration for Tall, Blond & Brutal, Alexander Skarsgard.  tumblr_mb344gjnnj1qc5buuo1_1280

What’s Your Idea of A Romantic Hero?

So my question today is what is your idea of a Romantic Hero?   Sometimes when I am planning and plotting, it’s just the average guy who comes to mind and sometimes it’s someone a little more exciting.  I have found that in my reading and TV viewing I am totally drawn to Law Enforcement types, Elliott from Law & Order,  Tony on NCIS, and my favorite Bosco from Third Watch .    Gosh I miss that show.









Other times it’s those other men in uniforms;




And who wouldn’t want to ride with this Cowboy?


Then there is the ULTIMATE a man in a tux, this man in particular, Daniel Craig could be wearing anything or nothing at all and he’d be my ultimate hero. 

So tell me my new friends, what is your idea of the ultimate Romantic Hero?

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